Beauty Box International Swap! : Would You Be The Beauty Respondent?

Hi the little cranberry pie!

Oh I haven’t blog for almost a month now! haiz..must apologize for that ..gomenasai!! *bow

(Gomenasai= Sorry/ Excuse me in Japanese) The reason why I haven’t blog for almost a month is………….

actually I don’t really have a reason for that hahahahahahaha…ok sorry >____<

I’m kidding. Of course I’m pretty busy with my assignments, that’s why I haven’t blog for almost a month, and on top of that, the internet line at my place here was so damn slow and it cut out my flaming adrenaline that escalates the rising mood to blog…can’t say anything about that ok.

No matter, today will do because consciously, am missing my blog like really too…

I’m motivated to blog about this since 2 months ago, but then, again..the slow internet line here is such a real bothersome.

Anyway…I have joined this group on FB called “Be a Beauty Respondent” about a few months back then and it’s all about swapping the beauty products that you buy for the swap partner and vice-versa!

I think it’s so much fun when you get the surprises from your swap partner in your swapping, let’s say, you would like to have some beauty products that may widely available in USA but may not available in your country, then what you have to do is you need to find someone from USA that would like to do the swap with you, then she will send you your beauty products by surprise, and so do you.

What I mean by surprise is, you must tell her what kind of products did you like, and make you puke and stuff (sorry I’m too outspoken here hehehe), either by telling her straightforward or by providing the questionnaire, and MAKE SURE you receive her questionnaire too. So you guys can clearly have an idea on what to give to each other to make them happy without both of you knowing what it is. That’s the number 1.

Number 2, this is the “mystery swap”, where you are clearly HAVE NO IDEA on WHO will send you your parcel, it’s like the biggest SURPRISE!. Normally the “mystery swap” is organized by the admin by creating a “swap event” like a “Christmas swap”, “Friendship swap” or else, and anyone from the community can join in. Then the admins will set each of you with your own partner and the best of all, the person that will send you your bunny box and the person that you will send the bunny box is absolutely different, Which mean, you know to who you will send the bunny box but you have no idea on who will send you your bunny box. (Bunny box is actually a name called for the parcel that you will send to your swap partner)

Below is the products that I got from my swap partner on the swap session on a few months ago, it’s a personal swap and not the “mystery swap”..anyway just to mention that in the swapping session with her, I have a real problem with family issue which is almost make me go insane enough to end my life just like that, luckily I’m not..and that’s what made me sent the bunny box to her a bit late, it’s almost like 2 months late..and if she’s reading this post, I’m dedicating my deep sincere apologize to her for making her wait it too long.

And I do hope she will get better in her life too and hopefully she will love all the stuffs that I gave to her too!

I don’t know what else to say but she’s a crazy shopper!!

We’ve promised to do a $50USD swap, but I think she went too much far and bought all of these, and I’m pretty sure all of these cost her more than $50USD..thanks Sonia!

Let’s jump into the each of them!

 The swatches of both KIKO eyeshadows

KATE eyeshadow that I longed for!

 The “SHINE ON” set by bareMinerals, consist of

bling bling clutch and the face palette!

 I actually really admire the packaging, it’s actually kind of a mirror packaging that embraced the palette which is seems so nice & classy!

 The “SHINE ON” set also came with the tips & techniques of eye blending makeup which is very convenient for the beginner!

 The swatches of colors from the palette

Added to my nail polish collection!

Tbh, I’m a crazy hoarder of nail polishes!

The trio gang of pencils, the one from Benefit is a stick highlighter, the NYX pencil liner is slightly shimmery, while the Bourjois pencil liner is in a deep black color.

 These is the skin care products, all of these are from the famous brands that I always heard but unfortunately never had a chance to try, me really appreciate it!!

 I’m so thrilled by the classy packaging that Urban Decay have!

 Both swatches of Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in “Venom” and Sephora Blush Stick!

The colors is just sooo gorgeous!!

Both from the left is the colors of Yves Rocher Cream eyeshadows, and the right one is glowing gel from Jelly Pong Pong!

 Girls, the thing that made me jumping on the bed, I’m so electrified by the necklace that Elena wore from The Vampire Diaries! I’m a fan ok!

I can even put some “Vervain” in this necklace..ahahahah!

Yankee Candle!! this is a perfumed candle, you know, since the smell of this candle is too heaven,

the smell was absorbed throughout the box thus all the stuffs in my bunny box smelled like a passion fruit!

Liking it!

 Cute right? a lipgloss in an Ice cream packaging, kawaii!!!

Another kawaii stuff! A fake eyelashes glue in a black color, check out the color below!

(Oopsies! excuse my watch print around my wrist..ehehehe)

 OMG! she definitely knew I love One Piece like crazy!!

Doumo Arigatou!!!

And the rest was the splendid products sample that she gave!

Sonia Madi was her name and she’s from France..

Something I’ve always heard about French women is, they’re unbeatably beautiful in the world and I think she is one of them though I never meet her!..I’m so thankful for the awesome swaps and would like to know this woman!

And for your kind information, this is my first swap ever, and I hope to do it again in future if I have a good time enough to go shopping! – and of course, if I have an enough money!

Must I remind you that the community do have a T&Cs, read it carefully before you decide to join in, so it will prevent you from facing any problem…afterwards PM any of the admin that you like, there are 4 admins for this community, and then after you have accepted into the community you can find the files tab on top of the goup page, there are a questionnaire, birthday, blog, country and etc files for you to fill up if you like. Let’s say if you have a blog or youtube acc, then you can state it on the files prepared, so do the other things like birthday and so on. Anyway, as a reminder, the questionnaire file is important for you to have, because this is the reference of what products should you and your swap partner buy for each other based on the questionnaire.

If you have any problem during swapping, ALWAYS seek an advice from the admins by PM-ing them for anything.

What say you girls??

Then come join in the fun!!

Name: Be a Beauty Respondent

Thanks for reading, my life was never happier than spending some time to blogging for some readers who are still sticking around my blog even though my blog is so boring just like myself..hehe.

And oh! I’ve also done my IFD (International Friendship Day) swap about a month ago, and I will write about that and share about the beauty products that I got in the box very soon ok?

See you guys again on my next post!

-Jia Jia-


[Review] Ma Chérie Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner By Shiseido

Hi my bubble bees!

1 more days to countdown for Eid!

Since Eid is approaching, I’m pretty sure that everyone wants to appear beautiful and attractive on the celebration day!

Therefore, today I would like to share something intriguing for you hair care!

Before I started to fully be a hijaber, I can alleged that I’m always dye my hair often like once in a 4-5 months, and finally my hair is already damaged caused by that overly hair coloring, it becomes so dry and very rough (totally change my smooth hair in before that). Sighed of searching some new range products from a good brand to firm and nourish my hair once again and endeavoring for some tips that can repair and fix the damage to my hair, but no light-bulb moment at all,..I’ve used Dove Intensive Care shampoo at first considering the good result it gave to me for its body wash series, everything looked good during the initial week of using it..and after a month flies hair condition turn into a pumpkin..

and it looks almost to Orang Utan then..Arghhhhh tensed.

Nevermind, I’m jotting this down today.

There was this day, when the fate was determined for me to stumble on these products on someone’s blog that I don’t really remember (remember..remember who you are~~ Arhhhh Lion King sangat!! LOL!)..and then I’m trully fell in love…for its PACKAGING (like how someone fall in love in the first sight I can say)

From my point of view, I think the packaging is kind of girly and princessy!

Yes they do!

I’m actually a girl that simply attracted to something that looks very adorable, as for instance, this Ma Chérie logo appear in a gold coated spiral around with a royal crown on top that looks very very posh in my girly point of view!

One thing that I’m really happy with it is the smell..which is soooooooo good! It’s so fruity and smelled delicious! Whenever I have a problem to find a good products for my skin, hair or body, Japanese brand always get in the way, and certainly be my life saver. My big popping heart for a Japanese brand!

If you’ve ever read on my previous post before, I think I’ve been telling you girls all the time that Shiseido is my real favorite Japanese brand, Shiseido do have a lot of subsidiaries under it, for example, Majolica Majorca is Shiseido’s, Aqua Label is Shiseido’s, Za is Shiseido’s, BareMinerals & Nars is also Shiseido’s, and there’s a lot lot more of its subsidiaries that I don’t even remember!

Since Shiseido is my No. 1 favorite Japanese brand, hence choosing to try their Ma Chérie wasn’t under my concern at all whether the product will give me a bad outcomes. So yes it was, I’m truly satisfied with it as for real! My rough frizzy dry Orang Utan hair that went haywire like almost a year before did became so smooth and silky! I’m not lying babe! you just gotta try yourself one, seriously!

Just about 2 weeks of using it I can feel that my hair is significantly make a tremendous change, it’s feels so touchable, soft, smooth and smells so nice too!

And I do feels very comfortable with my hair every time I touched it, because it feels so well-moisturized!

The moisturizing effect not only working on the hair, but on my scalp as well, in short, everything about it was just so pleasant and deserves my 4/5 stars rating!

As for your kind info, I’m using a Moisture Feel range as above.

There’s two range of Ma Chérie in-bath hair care, a Moisture Feel and an Air Feel.

Below is the photo of the ingredients of both Ma Chérie shampoo & conditioner:

Honestly, the thing that make me purchase something at first is the kawaii packaging!….hey I’m a girl ok..nothing can be a more effective traction to a girls instead of appearing adorable right. At least I can say I’m a normal girl who attracted to something seems adorable, and then take a risk to try them afterwards..LOL!

I bought the 200ml one, but you can absolutely find the bigger sized one as well.


  • Comes in a kawaii adorable pink bottle packaging
  • Have a pleasant fruity smell


  • So far I’m failed to find any

And oh! There’re also another products of Ma Chérie besides just only shampoo & conditioner, like hair serum and etc. You gotta check yourself to find it out later ok!

Name: Ma Chérie Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner

Made in: Japan (Under Shiseido company)

Price: RM27 each

Where to buy: Guardian Malaysia

Net weight: 200ml

Would I re-purchase again? YES

How will I rate this? ❤❤❤❤

For more information please visit  Ma Chérie Malaysia :

Thanks for your read!

See you guys on my next post and..

Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir dan Batin girls!!

-Jia Jia-

Ugly Personalities Ruin The Pretty Faces

Referring to the head, it’s not something that I would really like to talk about, I’ve tried to just let this slip, but this time it reached up to my limits.

I have this friend (well I think now I can say I have no feeling to be her friend anymore), who being a friend to me like almost 5 years now and recently I’ve discovered that all this time she always talked dirty behind my back!

We’ve been a friend since I was in a highschool and I can’t accept that in the amidst of her nasty taking over my back (for a years!) I’m always have a good impression on her, I’m always think she is a good friend, just that we’re separated to a different course (because we got an offer to study at the same place) and then we rarely see each other and so we talked less, but still, I think she is my friend. Whenever I bumped into her in campus I’m always try to smile at her thinking that “oh she’s the old friend of mine” (although I saw that she was like avoiding herself to me, like pretending she wasn’t see me even if I just walk passing by her), until this day that god decided to reveal everything she did and say behind me.

Let’s just call her NF.

How dirty can someone be, without me knowing and when I’m always think she’s a good friend, she stab my back like this? nothing can be more pain than this. I began to notice that she was avoiding me during our semester 2, although she started to talk bad about me to others since before I started to study at the same place with her. Not just one person ever told me about this, a lot of people who know me and befriend with her. At least I should say thanks to them because if you guys did’t spill this out, I’d still think she was a good friend, when she’s actually an ugly 2 faced cunt!

I can accept it if someone else talking behind me, if I did’t really know her or she wasn’t such a good and close friend to me, but to imagine that someone who have all my trust did this to me, I’m totally feels dumfounded like I’m wholly fooled by her.

There’s a time when I was still in the highschool, my good friend to me just told me (let’s call her FR), NF told FR that she always help me (because at that time my family went bankrupt because my my dad’s tender in his company got confiscated by her own sister and at that time my dad was already resigned from being a bank manager because he want to focus on his own company and we’ve been through a real hard time), and she told her that I’m being such a burden to her because she always help me, excuse me “my little friend”, my close friend who being my friend since I was in form 2, who always in an up and down  life with me never said that although the fact she always there with me all the time, when you’re just a new comer who came and made a fuss in the school just about 2 years of coming(at that time) dare to say something like this. Just what favor just you did to me during the 2 years in highschool?? the nasty talking??? the RM10, oh no..the RM24 that you lend me??? this what made you feel burden?? instead the fact I’ve covered you for all aspects since in highschool, till I’m being the one who have been called to a discipline room & counselor room because of what you did, and you put the blame on me and my close friend, FR..and oh, because of your pretty face people never believe this is all was your fault and all bad things was pushed to fall on my head and my friend. But still, I forget about those and still think you’re my friend.

People are so true about me being an inside and outside blinded & idiot. Though you try to break me with my close friend, I’d still never see that you such an evil friend who just want to get someone to be with you during a happy and a good times only. If this is the true nature of you, and if this is the kind of friend you are, then no thanks. I’m better without you, I don’t need such an ugly personality to be my friend, who just want to step on me and to stab my back while I was still thinking you’re my friend.

The only reason I saw through you that you be this ugly because you think you’re pretty, hot and everybody love and like you, you easily get some friends because you know how to be 2 faced, not like me, who always give a cold gaze to people, and always have a sour face, and an ugly that no one would want to approach. At least I’m thankful to be myself, the only one who really try to know me will understand how is me, instead of being alone inside like you, because you never have a close friend, you always changing friends because you know you can make more friends, until now, just count yourself, how many times do you change your friends? after you made a problem with all your previous friends and you keep changing friends like a girl changing clothes..You try to break my relationship with my close friend and you failed, and after that you try to break the relationship of another of my friends and you did it, and during the semester 1, you talked the bad things about her after you break her friendship with her friend?? how ugly can you be, don’t you feel any ashamed?? Buay pai seh! (means don’t feel ashamed)

During our semester 1, you talked nasty about me to your roomate,

And now you befriend with two friends from my class that I’m sure both of them also hate me..but I don’t give you a fuck if you want to befriend to just anyone even if those particular person hate me, it’s your fucking life and non of my business..but to learn that you talked bad things about me once again, to seriously something you’ve gone to far! just what the fuck did you want with my life? I’ve never talked even a bit  least of a bad things behind you, just what the fuck that you don’t satisfy with me? I don’t get it till now!

Thank you for being my “friend” for such a years, today I feel like I don’t need a friend like you anymore after this shocking discoveries, continue with your drama, I know you can make more friends in future, then feel free & happy to stab their back like you stab me can freely change your friends like the things that you don’t want, you can freely throw them and have a new one, if this is the kind of your friendship is, GO DIE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! people don’t play with friendship!

I befriend with people because I want to know them, I want to learn them, if I don’t like their certain behaviour, I’ll tell them, if they don’t want to listen I’ll only hate bad side of them and I’ll still befriend with them without need me to talking bad about them to others, if you don’t like someone, dislike the only bad behaviour they have, not to dislike them on overall and to vend their bad stories to a third parties to be seen as a superior.

Once I see someone as my friend I’ll never break the friendship, even if I hate them, they’re still my friend, but today I want to declare you as someone who’re not listed as my friend!

You’ve gone way too much than I can accept! Friendship is way more important than my life, I was the idiot who is willing to sacrifice for my friends, I must admit, because over the years the person who did much for me is my friends, not my family, because my family would rather ignore parents never want to understand me..I only have my friends..that’s why I said friendship is the most precious thing I can afford to have.

If this is the kind of friendship you want to play with me, just GTFO of my life now!

I don’t need a scum friend like you anymore.

Thank you so much for be my friend for such a years, and thank you so much for your nasty talking behind my back, today you opened my eyes about someone near and close to you is the one that probably stabbing your back without you even imagine.



-Jia Jia-

[Review] M.A.C Prep + Prime Skin Smoother

Do you think that wearing a makeup is FAKE? If you ask me, my say is NO.

However, cakey makeup IS

Not a very long time ago, I’ve found out about this greatest “HG” makeup from a beauty video by Melodee, she’s a Japanese and a FCI (FujiTV NY) Director & Reporter, Ballet Dancer and YouTube Artist. I love all her videos! ^____^

Check her out when you have a time!

She do recommended this stuff in one of her video that I ever watched (but not remember which one because she always upload a new videos up), hence I decided to go for it.

Wanna see how MAC Prep + Prime Skin Smoother work in creating a canvas-like skin? (yepp! I’m talking about a cakey makeup, ewww~ no more bad makeup days!-you better say bye now)

I’ve been using this nearly a year now, and this is the only stuff that can make the foundation and makeup go smooth on your face, that I swear by! I’m so glad that I have discovered about this, so that I’m gonna make a share about it today!

Let me bring you through a fleeting fantasy a moment, try to imagine you’re with him under the beam of moonlight (romantically), then he was just about to reach out to you to give you a good night kiss..unfortunately when he realizes your uneven & cakey makeup it was like .. teettttt! TURNED OFF..and I know no one would want it.

The texture was just like a petroleum jelly, but comparatively lightweight on skin compared to petroleum jelly. Frankly, it does looks like a face powder in the first sight, but hey! NO IT’S NOT when you touch it. It is working by smoothing the skin surface as a base like a lubricants that assist the makeup to glides smoothly over the skin, so that the application of makeup will go seamlessly flawless, when I say flawless, I do mean the perfect makeup that certainly everyone dreams for.

I can say that if you apply it on your hands it’ll not showing on the camera, because it’s just a very colorless base visage, it’s slightly greasy (but in the good way) because it’s functioning in smoothing the skin surface, thus it can’t be declared as oily. In the nut shell, it’s just very pleasant to be used.

The rear view

This is close-up of it.




Before Makeup (As a base)

Creating a smooth base: Apply an adequate amount on clean skin, before applying a makeup using a clean triangle shape makeup sponge (that you can easily get from any drug store or cosmetic shop), after that you can start applying the liquid foundation using a foundation brush, and then set the powder on.

After Makeup (Retouch)

Fix uneven makeup caused by sweating: Take a clean triangle shape makeup sponge and apply the MAC skin smoother by using the sponge over the messy & uneven makeup to remove the cakey-ness and to create a smooth base again. Then go ahead and just apply your face powder on using a stippling brush.

So far, I have yet to find a very impressive product like this before, I mean, even on your bad days you can still come up with an evenly pretty makeup, with no spread that stuck in between your pores and acne indentations that visible as a blemishes on face. Well, can expect more from MAC!


  • Came from a renowned brand
  • Sleek & compact packaging to be brought around in your handbag
  • Easy to use & works well in creating a perfect base for makeup application


  • The smell, it does smells slightly like a stale milk


Name: M.A.C Prep + Prime Skin Smoother

Price: RM 150 @ $47.30

Where to buy: M.A.C Store (

Net Weight : 10g/0.35 US oz

See you guys on my next post!


-Jia Jia-

Cerro Qreen Cosmetic Make-Up Brush Set Review

Hello dear vanilla chocolate strawberry almond yam ice creams fellow!


Owh, it’s too hot ya today that I feels like want to eat all the ice creams that exist in this world! hehe

A few months ago, I’ve joined a giveaway hosted on this blog that belong to my dear butterfly friend featuring Natta Cosme……….and yayyy! I have won! haha (I should update about this in a long time ago actually but being busy is very annoying, so I have to leave this post stored in my draft quite long in matter, today I’ll write about it..haha)

The host of this giveaway is writer is both the sisters, Liyana & Syafiqah, and yes they’re both are pretty =)

I’ve won this Cerro Qreen makeup brushes and they’re so damn cute, and I love it!!

Looking at those kawaii chibi (kawaii= cute/chibi= small in Japanese) toy sized make me realizes that this makeup brush is convenient to be brought around when you go out, it’s very travel-friendly!

All these babies coming in a case provided.


I love the print of “Cerro Qreen” on the pouch!

The floral button also looks so feminine and sleek!

They came in 7 types of small and different brush..


There are 1 pcs of powder/blush brush, 3 pcs different sizes of eye blender brush, 1 pcs of eye smudger sponge, 1 pcs of lip brush, and 1 pcs of eyebrow setter.


The powder/blush bristles is quite dense and did its job perfectly, despite of its affordable price.

Every time I set my powder with it the smooth looks that I want is achieved, so I think it’s not bad at all

and I’ve been really liking it!

Sometimes, when buying the makeup brush you need to look at several aspects to ensure that the brush you will have is capable in giving you the perfect touch. The first thing was their bristles, find the soft and dense one for a smooth application, and the second thing that I like about this brush is the metal connector which is long enough to hold the handle & the bristles together from falling apart. The quality is not bad and I like it!


This is the trio-gang of the eye blender brush, from the big onee-chan to the smaller imouto-chan (onee-chan= big sister/imouto-chan= little sister in Japanese) Hehehe

They’re also dense and did a great job for the eyes part!


These 3 are the lip brush, eye smudger sponge and the brow setter.

I did’t really use the eye smudger sponge, but if you want to create a sexy smokey eye, it’s advisable to use it! 

The lip brush is perfect if you want to blend the lipstick to make it looks neat and pretty, and to avoid smudgy application especially if your lipstick point is in round surface.

The brow setter is used to set your brow to make them appear more neatly. Eyebrow setting is very important in promoting your face frame.


So far I’m really happy with the gift, thanks to them for giving me this!



Name: Cerro Qreen Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set (Black/7pcs)

Price: RM29.52

Place to buy:

*comes in pink, purple, black & blue color

If you interested with this brushes, then head on to Natta Cosme’s website below. There’re more beauty stuff waiting for you too!

And if you want to know more about skincare, beauty and cosmetics, check my friend’s blog out, you’ll find more vast view about beauty on their blog!





See you guys on my next post!

❤❤ XOXO ❤❤



-Jia Jia-


Bag Of Love May/June Edition

Hi my pumpkin cake!


It’s now 2 weeks of Ramadhan! and yes I was excited for Eid already!!! *Konon kan~ Haha


Haizz..not to mention the life in Pasir Gudang bring me to a dead body because it was super hot here, fatiguing, plus with the full time everyday classes with no time off more than 1 hour..aiyahh


Anyway girls, I have something to share with you girls today, I have subscribed to a previous May/June Bag Of Love! Yayy yayy!…so of course I’m going to review it with you girls now! (though it’s July now, no matter! hahahaha) =P


What’s about it for this month yeah?


This time Bag Of Love really made me surprised with the surprise that I should’t be surprised! HAHAHAHA

Because I never imagined that this time the Bag Of Love will be this fun sized and cute like this:












If you look at it carefully, you will see that it’s only a bit bigger than my palm size (Yes it should have been bigger than this! LOL!),

and I considered is as small, because the previous Bag Of Love that I had was a bit bigger!

But I’m still so happy once I opened the bag! ^_^


Shall we see what’s inside?

This is all the stuff that came inside the bag!

I will bring you girls to a details below, so please read till the end of this entry alrighttt~~~

As you girls know, Bag of Love only giving a sample sized products, I think that they aiming to introduce us girls to the latest beauty products which are now in a market!

With only as low as RM39.90, you can try a variety of beauty products which are considered expensive and prestigious all together in just one bag! Thus, indirectly you can recognize and given the opportunity to try a products from a luxury brand that you may not have ever tried before. Below is the details of the products that I got for this May/June edition of Bag Of Love! ^_^

1. Neogence Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Essence, 30ml for RM139

I’ve been a fan of HA-based products in such a long time now, it’s just because I have a super super super dry skin!

I hate my dry skin, the only option to get rid of this roughy and tauty feeling on my skin is to use something sticky, or I better say something like HA, because HA was sticky and amazingly moisturized my skin very well till the deep down surface! Every time after I used something with HA, my skin is well moisturized even after 2 days skipping it! No doubt about it being my life saver!

And if you ask me, yes, this HA Hydrating Essence from Neogence is sticky looks like a glue, and even stickier than my fave Hada Labo Super HA Moisturizing Lotion! It’s an essence, in the eyes I can tell that the concentration of HA used in this products is more than my Hada Labo one! ^_^

How to use: After toner, you can apply it on your face & neck alone (by tapping it on around), or apply it with a moisturizer afterwards.

2. Wella Professionals Repair Shampoo, 250ml for RM55 & Repair Mask, 250ml for RM58

Wella in the house again!

Wella is an infamous saloon brand for hair care, however on my part I’m not gonna say that it’s not a great hair care brand,

Just that I’ve found that Wella just don’t fix my hair problem, it’s a bit harsh for my hair, I think that was because of my sensitive hair, not the brand.

This is their Repair Shampoo & Repair Hair Mask.

3. Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire EDP Couture, 50ml for RM356


Guerlain anyone girls?

I’ve never thought of this coming in the bag this time!

This Guerlain La petite robe noire couture perfume have a mingled scents of fresh flowers and sweetness of its own elements, what I can say is,

the smell is amazing!

Thanks Bag Of Love^_^



4. Definite Eye Smudger Brush, RM69

Incidentally, I would like to gather more makeup brushes, thus giving this time a great joy for me!

What can I say is, I have a lot of eye blender brush, but a very few eye smudger brush , hence, I hope I can collect more makeup brushes especially eye brushes to be counted into my mini makeup brush collection.

This Definite eye smudger brush is quite dense, and capable of providing the Smoky effect that you want when you fading out your eyeshadow in a rotation motion.

5. Novexpert The Repulp Mask, 50ml for RM149

Well, a new arrival that I had never experienced, or even try. My heart fluttered in excitement as if I’m sailing to hunt for the treasures in the deep ocean floor .. that’s how it feels like..

This mask meet the needs of all skin types, and it is believed to give an essential protection for stressed skin, subject to cold, sun, pollution, dryness and etc.

In essence, if you want a Baby-Soft skin in 10 minutes, then try this mask!

How to use: Apply to the well cleansed face and leave it on for 10 minutes, then rinse off.

6. Derma Master Gold Eye Mask, RM30 per Sheet

This eye mask is claimed to have a nutritious elements. It can hydrate quickly, flatten delicate skin around the eyes, accelerate metabolism and smoothening the skin around they eyes, make skin elastic again, diminish ederma, black eyes (can I say panda eyes? HAHAH) and lines around the eyes effectively, leaving your eyes sparkling. And oh!, this is seems to be from a Korean brand! ^3^

How to use: You just need to apply this right under your eyes area and chill for 15 minutes, then remove it.

But why it looks like tamago??? (tamago=egg in Japanese) it’s only lure me to a hunger especially during this fasting month! matter, I’ll use it this looks so nutritious too of course! (for my thirsty eyes ok!)

7. Givenchy Clean It All Make-Off Emulsion, 200ml for RM137 

This is the product that I vaguely acknowledge, Givenchy is known for their palatial products, either a makeup or a skin care line, this product is an impeccable of cleansing..especially to remove an excess makeup on face… because I have an extremely sensitive skin, I’m worried to try any makeup cleanser because I may experience some rashes…but I must admit..this product is perfect for makeup cleansing and gentle towards skin..not only the makeup but this product can also remove the excessive oil that can clog your pores up!

How to use: Massage over face with gentle, circular motion and remove excess product with cotton or rinse with water.



Some of the vouchers included:

I got Derma Master voucher for their Korean Bio Aqua Peel worth RM360 and the Plincco RM20 cash voucher to spend when I shop from them or their brand partners!

Yeayy, Thanks to Bag Of Love for all of these! ^_^ 

Do you wish to have all of these kind of famous products too next time?

Then subscribe today! ^,~ 


See you next time on my next post!



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Fashion Culture Box June Edition: Colors Of The World (Harajuku Girls X Kpop Mania Box)

Hey my chocolate pie guuurlss!!!

Oh how long have I been away? I think it’s more than 2 weeks! (I must punish myself for leaving my blog all covered in the dust!) *coughing

I’m pretty busy with new semester because the assignments keep coming in loaded and loaded..though the studies was just started about 3 weeks ago!

At last..I couldn’t even have a nap on evening..aishhh this student life, nonetheless must bear it because I’m now already in semester 5 (uh-hum, a senior =P ) and I have one more sem to go, sem 6!

Alright girls, frankly speaking I never really subscribe to any Fashion Culture box before, though I saw a lot of my blogger friends already laid their hands out on one for every month edition, but I never really thought to subscribe because I think that I can buy each of those accessories at my fave shop anytime I want, so that I can only own the only stuff I want, instead of giving them a chance for making me having some of the extra accessories that I did’t need in the box.

However, the last month edition gave me an urge to own them, just because of their themes, the last month’s theme is “Colors Of The World” and there’s a three box offered for us to choose from, Viva La Brasil, Harajuku Girls, and Kpop Mania!

Well because now everyone was hit by the Fifa 2014 wave at Brazil, so that’s why the “Viva La Brasil” box were there I guess..but I was tempted to own the “Harajuku Girls” and “Kpop Mania” one, because I love Harajuku, and I’m amazed by the Kpop fashion (though I’m not a Kpop fanatic) I decided to own both of these..and shall we look at what I got?

Because they did’t put any label to differentiate which one is Kpop, which one is Harajuku, so I differentiate them using my own fashion instinct (oh yeah) and fashion sense..ehehehe

Since the Kpop & Harajuku fashion sometimes blended was hard to guess….sometimes Kpop fashion looks like Harajuku and vice-versa…

Kpop and Harajuku fashion is defined in many terms, kawaii, punk, goth, kei, elegant, and etc. I better say, Kpop fashion is more to cute and innocent look, sometimes a bit punky rock…while Harajuku is more to colorful and a mix of a freak but cute fashion..with a load load of accessories.

So should I say , the first box is Harajuku, and the second is Kpop? looks like so, and maybe the first box is Kpop, and the second goes to Harajuku…however..because Fashion Culture said that this time, the Harajuku fashion they invented is the lolita and kawaii it must be in pinky colors and full with lacey stuff. So I better say, the first box is Kpop Mania, and the second is Harajuku Girls.

Let’s see what’s inside!

I love the triple set of the rings, it’s actually really resembles to a Harajuku fashion,..but seems like Fashion Culture put them in Kpop Mania‘s box..So maybe a fashion bender I guess? sometimes both Harajuku & Kpop doesn’t really differ, they borrow each others fashion to be exact. The fashion style and accent resembles each others…and holy CAP..I love that “Trukfit” cap! if it’s comes with some spiky studs, I’ll probably scream in excitement =D

Pop my heart once I see all of these pinky stuff came inside the Harajuku Girls box! I really love the lacey bow hair pin(I can use it with my Hijab to make a kawaii style ^_^) , and also the ring with the chain, it’s so exotic, and kawaii in the same time!!…the accessories that came inside the box is more to a Kawaii Lolita fashion, rather than a color mix Harajuku kind.

You girls can also have more exquisite accessories and jewelries from Fashion Culture box by subscribing to them every month for RM58/box, they offer a really really cute and unique accessories for every month editions, with a different themes. I regret for not subscribing to their box earlier.

Don’t forget to check them out girls! Their box are usually running out very fast, so you better hurry, now it’s already in July, so let’s see what they got for ya in this month boxes, shall us girls? ^,~

If I wasn’t mistaken, this month’s edition featuring a music themes, which is “Inspired By Music”, and they also give you 3 boxes under the theme to choose from! Hurry go grab yours! ^_^


Thanks for dropping by,

Bye Bye,



-Jia Jia-